US-Water-Hardness-MapSolving Hard Water Problems

There is no doubt that hard water is a nuisance.
It costs industry and consumers billions of dollars a year in cleaning expenses and maintenance. The labor and chemicals required to solve hard water problems and then the eventual replacement costs of equipment are astronomical.

Any plumbing fixtures and appliances that come in contact with hard water are costing you money. Water heaters, dishwashers, sinks, toilets, shower heads, aerators, steam tables & ovens, ice machines, swimming pools and laundry equipment, towels, bed sheets, etc. are all affected by hard water. Water taste is bad; the home or building’s pipe system will eventually need replacement.



In industrial applications, expenses in maintaining a cooling tower, boiler or chiller are often your costliest equipment to maintain – all because of hard water.

The latest movement in the water industry are the “NON SALT SYSTEMS”, offering breakthrough technology over the salt based water softeners. Non Salt Technology does not soften the water but produces a “Mountain Spring Quality Water” in every tap in your home.

How does it work? Is a Non-Salt water filter system better than a salt or potassium water softener on hard water? Great questions, let’s investigate!

Both Ion Exchange Water Softeners and Non Salt Systems have Pros & Cons with each system. A consumer needs to understand these differences so they can make an informed decision on what system works best for their family or business. The problem comes when bad or misleading information gets communicated to the consumer by service companies who sell only one type of filter system. In their effort to “get the sale”, they confuse the buyer with half-truths, hurting everyone in our industry.

For this reason, Primo Plumbing sells and installs both technologies. We feel that educating our customer with accurate and honest information about both, Non-Salt & Water Softeners, will allow our customers to choose the right system to fit their needs.

Let’s take a closer look at the NON SALT Systems available.

There are two technologies available for Non Salt Systems; first is Electronic Impulse Technology which uses a Cathode or Anode technology that changes the state of the calcium and magnesium.

The second is TAC (Template Assisted Crystalization) anti-scale Media Based Systems.

THE “KRYSTAL KLEAR” Electronic Descaler

Krystal Klear Whole House No Salt Water Treatment System.
Krystal Klear is a National Manufacturer of Non Salt-No Maintenance Hard Water treatment systems. This is a NO Salt/No Potassium/No Chemical hard water treatment system for the entire house. It is an all-in-one design with the Cathode/Anode water chamber and electronics housed in one unit.

scale-buildup-in-water-heaterHard Water is high in dissolved minerals – namely Calcium & Magnesium Bi-Carbonate. Not a health risk, but hardness can be a nuisance because of mineral build-up on plumbing fixtures, pipes and appliances. And it’s tougher to mix with soaps and detergents. Using high frequency electronic pulses, our system changes the chemical state of the Calcium & Magnesium… from a Bi-Carbonate to a Carbonate structure. This puts the Hardness into a form your body can absorb but helps eliminate scale build-up in your pipes, plumbing fixtures, water heater and appliances.


These photos of the calcium molecule before and after the application of the Cathode Anode technology were taken with an electron microscope. The left side shows the coarse crystallized structure of calcium bicarbonate (hard). This crystal is what adheres itself to the inner walls of plumbing and fixtures, causing calcium scaling. The right side shows aragonite, calcium carbonate (soft). Notice the change that occurred to the molecular structure. Aragonite is a finer particle which is non-adherent to the inner walls of plumbing and fixtures. These particles form a talc-like powder which is soluble, allowing the nutrients to remain in your water in a bio-absorptive form.

The interior chamber of the Krystal Klear uses a grade 304 stainless steel anode and cathode technology. As water flows through its chamber, the Descaler technology continuously sends low voltage, high frequency electrically charged impulses between the anode and cathode. As the impulses apply energy to calcium molecules, hydrogen is released from the calcium bicarbonate (hard adhering crystals) and changes to form calcium carbonate (soft non-adhering particles) in a form known as aragonite.

The Krystal Klear system features
• Unique all-in-one housing containing the stainless steel impulse chamber and control module.
• Versatile design enables installation horizontally or vertically
• Requires no maintenance and uses ZERO salt or potassium
• Extends the life of plumbing fixtures, appliances, water heater, and piping
• Removes existing scale in 90 days and prevents new scale build-up
• Makes ugly mineral deposits easy to remove and helps unclog shower heads and faucets
• Saves money on soaps & detergents
• Use on City or Well Water applications
• Treats up to 60 GPG Hardness
• Use on PVC, Copper or Galvanized Pipes

We package the “Krystal Klear” WHOLE HOUSE DESCALER with a Whole House Bacteriostatic Filter System designed to remove Chlorine and Chemicals from your Whole House Water. The Filter is a Bacteriostatic Whole House Chlorine & Chemical Filter with KDF-55 Bacteriostatic Media installed in a Patented Distributor that keeps the KDF & Carbon separate allowing for better filtration.


Installed with the Descaler, your home will be protected from Hard Water scale damage and harmful chemicals. The result… Safe great tasting Spring Water from every tap in your home.



What you get?
The Krystal Klear Whole House Hard Water Treatment System

• The Whole House Bacteriostatic Chemical & Chlorine Filter
• Full Professional Installation on a Pre-Plumbed Home
• 10-year Warranty on Descaler and Filter
• 5-year warranty on media



The second technology used in NON SALT SYSTEMS is called TAC Anti-Scale Technology. The biggest difference in this technology and electronic impulse technology is the descaling is done by a filter media either placed in a POU In / Out Filter or a POU 20 inch Filter Cartridge.

The TAC Salt Free Anti-Scale Water Conditioning Systems transforms calcium ions into calcium crystals, which are stable and cannot attach to pipes, surfaces, hardware, or heat exchangers components. The crystals are so small; they are easily rinsed away by the water flow. This new Template Assisted Crystallization or TAC process utilizes no salt, so there is no need for a brine tank, and uses no electricity, and generates no waste water.

Hard water is made up of calcium ions (Ca2+), magnesium ions (Mg2+), and bicarbonate ions (HCO3-). TAC uses a Template Assisted Crystallization, or TAC process which transforms these dissolved ions into non-charged, neutral chemical bonds, of calcium and magnesium crystals. These microscopic crystals of scale quickly form in treated water and cannot attach to pipes or any surface, and are rinsed away downstream in a colloidal suspension by the water flow. These crystals are heat resistant and are unable to revert to its dissolved state.

• No Backwashing of Media
• Uses No Electricity
• Uses No Salt or Potassium
• Reduces existing and prevents new scale build-up

• Periodic Filter Changes Every 3 Years
• Filter Cost: $250
• Non Bacteriostatic- can grow algae in tank
• Doesn’t filter chlorine or heavy metals


Clean Conditioned Water all throughout your home will change your lifestyle. See how you can begin saving money and improve your family’s health.

The average family of 4 spends $40 a month on Bottled Water. Cooler rental runs (Approx. $8 -10 a month) and a 5 gallon bottle of water costs an average of $8.00 each, so most people don’t cook with bottled water.

A Reverse Osmosis Drinking System in your home replaces the need for bottle water, but have you ever thought about how water affects the success of your meals? Foods cooked in conditioned water retain their vitamins and minerals. They stay plump and fresh, improving overall taste. Soups and drinks made with conditioned water are healthier and have a fresh taste.

Hard Water forms scale when it is heated. You water heater runs all day and according to the Water Quality Association, a ¼” scale build-up on your heating elements or in your water heater will increase operating costs up to 22% more for electric water heaters and 29% more on gas heaters. New homes can incur ¼” of hard water scale build-up in just 30 days without any protection.

It just makes good sense to avoid these costly maintenance issues by protecting your home with clean, conditioned water from Primo Plumbing.


scale-detail-in-pipesHard Water Scale Build-Up and Chlorine injected into water supply have a damaging effect on your plumbing & appliances. Hard Water Scale Build-Up shortens the life of your appliances by as much as 60%. Water Heaters, Clothes Washers, Dishwashers, Shower heads, Spa’s & Hot Tubs, Faucets, Toilets and much more are all damaged by Hard Water and Chlorine. Clean Conditioned Water is an Insurance Policy in protecting your homes plumbing system and your appliances.

Clean Conditioned Water is a natural beauty aid by removing the hardness of the water & the harmful chlorine that dries skin & hair. Hair is more manageable, softer, and shiny. Skin is protected from Chlorine absorption. Chlorine chemically bonds with the proteins in our body. It causes dry skin, and makes hair brittle. Our skin also absorbs a lot of Chlorine when showering. Shaving is smoother and with 75% less skin irritation. Expensive razor blades last twice as long, and more comfortable. That’s why professional Beauty Salons use conditioned water.

Clothes Washed in Conditioned Water are softer. No need for Fabric Softeners as Conditioned Water is a natural fabric softener. With Hard Water, soap is left in the rinse cycle and cannot be rinsed from clothes. It is then heated in the dryer causing the fibers to weaken and break down, causing lint. Lint is your clothes falling apart as a direct result of washing clothes in Hard Water & Chlorine.

Hardness & Chlorine absorb soap at an alarming rate. By removing these harmful impurities, you can save an enormous amount of money. According to a Survey completed by the WQA and The National Laundry Board, the average family of 4 spends $30 – $60 on soap products at the grocery store every month. By using Clean Conditioned Water, you can save 75% of this expense. Imagine using 1/8 cup of soap to do a load of towels or one teaspoon of Cascade to do a full load of dishes after dinner. There is no need to use fabric softener or conditioner for your hair.

These are just a few of the cost savings & benefits of living with clean conditioned water. When you add up the savings, 99% of our customers are saving what they were spending each month on the cost of clean conditioned water. Our free in-home “savings survey” can detail exactly how much money your family can save. It’s free and has no obligation. And we do it in your home at your kitchen sink.

Call today for a free in-home “savings survey” for your family!