Residential Plumbing & Repair

For two generations of San Antonio families, Primo Plumbing has been here for you.Sales2

As full service plumbers in San Antonio, we are positioned to do any sort of residential plumbing repair imaginable.

San Antonio has homes that date back to the days of cattle drives, and many that were built in the post war boom of the 1940s. Our company has been in business for over 40 years, and we have repaired, replaced, and serviced a pretty wide range of homes.

If your toilet is slow, or clogged, or leaks – we can fix it or replace it.

If your drains are slow, or clogged, or water pipes leak – we can fix it.

Don’t Live With a Drip
Water in South Texas is precious, and we all want to conserve. The true risk of a drip is that they tend to expand into more than that, and sometimes, when you least expect it, a great deal of water is flowing in places it shouldn’t. Like the bedroom floor.



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