Our Team, With 200 Combined Years of Experience.

Founded in 1964, brothers John and Robert Freund established Comfort-Air Engineering (CAE) as a leader in the air conditioning industry and have served the people of San Antonio and South Texas for nearly 50 years. Built on the core beliefs that the customer comes first, and that value and integrity be displayed in everything they do, sell, or service, their children expanded the business to include plumbing and in 2007, founded Primo Plumbing, Inc.

Incorporated: December 1964

Company Founders – 1964

Andrew John Freund, P.E. (University of Texas BSME ’53)
Robert Geis Freund, P.E. (University of Texas BSME ’57)

Officers and Directors
Matt Freund President

Matthew Allen Freund, P.E. – President/CEO – Freund Enterprises – with a BSME and MSME from The University of Texas, Matt worked for EDS and Sulzer Carbomedics as a product engineer and developer. He joined CAE in 2000 to help expand the Design/Build division of CAE and was elected to be our President/CEO in 2001. Matt holds our state HVAC license that was originally his father’s, TACLA 146C.



Andrea Freund Wurzbach – VP – Service Operations – Growing up in the family business, Andrea has logged the most hours compared to her Gen2 peers. Her knowledge of our software and customers makes her a valuable asset to our operations and is the first one of us to have a 3rd generation employee. Andrea heads up our service operations team.


Pat Freund

Patrick Morris Freund – VP – Service Sales – A Texas-EX in 1990 with a BBA in marketing, Pat joined Frito-Lay as a Marketing Mgr. before moving on to C2Media. In April of 2000, Pat joined CAE to head up the marketing and residential sales and now oversees the service sales of both CAE and Primo Plumbing (PPI). Pat is the 1st licensed plumber in the family and is currently working towards his Master’s license in March 2014.


Tom Freund VP

Thomas Andrew Freund – VP- Construction Sales – The most passionate of Longhorns, Tom graduated from Texas in 1993 with a BA and immediately came to work for CAE. Tom has vast experience in our accounting and service operations, but in 2010, he transition to construction to head up our commercial sales and estimating department. Tom is responsible for all plan & spec and commercial estimation.


General Manager
Mike Stahl

Mike Stahl – Operations Manager – Mike joined CAE in 1991, quickly working his way up from the field to HVAC Superintendent, to Project Manager in 1999. After much success, Mike was promoted to Director of Construction Operations for both CAE and PPI in 2010. Mike is also gifted in technology, serving as our IT and computer expert in addition to carrying out his normal operational responsibilities.


Service Managers
Victor Jendrzey HVAC

Victor F. Jendrzey – Service Manager – Hired as a service tech in 1985, Victor excelled in the technical aspects of HVAC&R repair work and worked his way into management in 1998. Victor is responsible for technical training of our technicians and installers and manages HVAC service operations for CAE.


Keith Brunner

Keith Brunner – Plumbing Service Manager – Hired as a journeyman service plumber in 2008, Keith came to Primo Plumbing with 17 years’ experience and has grown our service department from 1 service truck to 4 trucks in 3 years. Keith is still requested by our customers and sometimes works in the field, but is quickly learning that by teaching his plumbers, everyone’s life gets better. Keith earned his master license (M#40229) in January, 2012.


Eric Randall – Residential Service Manager – Eric joined Comfort-Air as a residential service tech in February of 2001 after serving 20 years in the United States Navy. After five Navy vessels and numerous visits to ports in Europe, Africa, Australia and the Western Pacific, Eric’s maintains that he would have eventually caught Osama Bin Laden himself if he stayed in the navy. Eric was recently promoted to Lead Trainer in our HVAC service department as our Quality Assurance manager.


Austin Scott

Austin Scott – Controls Service Manager – Hired as an Add-on replacement installer in 2003, Austin was a quick learner and soon took on the leadership role of senior installer. He was then promoted to our service department and groomed to take over of our controls and energy management department. With youthful energy, he now leads our Building Automation Services.


Daniel Simpson

Daniel Simpson – Service Operations Manager – Hired initially as a helper in 2005, Daniel took pride in his workmanship and customer service, and was promoted to senior installer. He moved up to service in 2008, providing service maintenance and diagnostics to our residential and light commercial customer base. Daniel was loved by customers and in December of 2011, Daniel was promoted to Replacement Service Mgr. He is now Service Operations Manager.


Project Managers

Robert “Bob” DeBehenke – Project Manager – Our most tenured employee, Bob has 40+ years with Comfort-Air and has worked in all aspects of the business. Now, it’s time to expand his responsibilities to include plumbing. Bob is very well respected in the construction industry and always has a “Can Do” attitude. He is a PM for both CAE and PPI.


Clint Wurzbach

Clint T. Wurzbach – Construction Manager – Our first 3rd Generation family employee, Clint graduated from Texas Tech in 2006 with a BSME. Clint worked with Zachry Contstruction upon graduation, cutting his teeth on large industrial projects in planning and scheduling. Recently married to Nicole in 2012, Clint brings energy and technology to our construction department. He is a Construction Manager for both CAE and PPI, pursuing both his PE and Journeyman License.


Job Superintendents
Alex Bennet

Alex Bennett – HVAC Superintendent – Alex joined Comfort-Air in 1985 working as a helper in our construction department. His craftsman skills and work ethic allowed for Alex to move up quickly, becoming lead mechanic on large construction jobs to running our Add-on replacement dept. for 8 years before moving into his current role as project superintendent for HVAC construction.


Bobby Castelina

Bobby Castelina – HVAC Superintendent – Bobby has been employed with Comfort-Air Eng. for 31 years in our construction department. From lead mechanic on finish outs to job foreman for our large construction jobs, Bobby is experienced to handle the most complicated duct jobs.


Abel Martinez

Able Martinez – Plumbing/HVAC Superintendent – Employed in 2000, Able brings youth and creativity to our construction management team by displaying a variety of experience in HVAC and pipe fitting. His desire to learn all aspects of the mechanical trade, Able was tasked with obtaining his plumbing license in 2010 to help manage our growing commercial plumbing team.


Buddy Sampson

John “Buddy” Sampson – Sr. Plumbing Superintendent – Buddy joined Primo Plumbing in 2012 to develop and train our growing plumbing department with his vast knowledge of the trade. A master plumber and PHCC Medical Gas trainer, Buddy ensures the quality control of all construction plumbing.


Commercial Estimation
Tommy Moore

Tommy Moore – Plumbing Estimator – With over 30 years’ experience in residential and commercial plumbing, including owning his own business, Precision Plumbing, Tommy played a major role in Comfort-Air being able to birth Primo Plumbing in September, 2007. Currently, Tommy is our Responsible Master Plumber of record, M#18351.


Service Sales

David Kollman – Residential and Light Commercial Sales Manager – With over 15 years’ experience in new home sales and HVAC replacement sales, David knows what makes a home comfortable and energy efficient. A graduate of Building Performance Institute, David manages our outside residential and light commercial sales force. He graduated from Texas Tech in 1992 with a BS degree.


Jeff Jendrzey

Jeffrey Jendrzey – Commercial HVAC Sales – Working part time for CAE while finishing his BBA degree from UTSA, Jeff became full time in 2008 and has earned the respect of his peers and our customers through his hard work and professional service. His experience in commercial service sales and estimating has made him a valuable asset to our sales team.


Phil Little

Phil Little – Residential and Commercial Plumbing – Phil has 25 years’ experience in the plumbing trade since beginning his career shortly after graduating from Judson High School. Phil is experienced in slab and underground leaks, sewer breaks, and boilers in both commercial and residential applications. Phil received him Master Plumbing license in 2008 (#M39145) and is responsible for our plumbing service sales.


Commercial Account Managers
Brad Sobotik

Brad Sobotik- Commercial Account Manager – Hired originally in 2010 to support sales, Brad showed leadership and a passion for customer service. He was promoted to Commercial Account Manager in 2012 where he is responsible for managing our preferred commercial maintenance accounts and acquiring new Commercial Accounts. Brad graduated from Texas Tech University with a BS in 2009.


Mark Damm

Mark Damm – Commercial Account Manager – With over 22 years’ experience in the automobile and finance industry, a restaurateur, and an inventor, Mark is energetic and passionate about customer service. Hired in 2011, Mark is responsible for managing our preferred commercial maintenance accounts and acquiring new Commercial Accounts.


Dedicated Employees

These are just a few of our dedicated and reliable employees. Comfort Air-Engineering and Primo Plumbing is proud of our staff of over 120 employees with over 200 plus years in experience in keeping you comfortable. We invite you to get to know our staff or offer your opinions at www.yellowpages.com/san-antonio-tx/mip/comfort-air-engineering-inc-461724087