Plumbing Emergencies

There are a many sorts of emergencies for plumbing, air conditioning, and heating.  Sometimes you won’t know if a plumber is needed or an air conditioning or heating expert, and sometimes it will be clearly one or the other.

The technicians at Primo Plumbing cross train with the technicians at Comfort Air, and many regularly do both kinds of work.

Water Leaks
Moisture coming through walls or the ceiling might be a pipe, or might be a drainage problem from the AC or could be from some other source. If you know it’s coming from your pipes, you may be able to turn off your water at the meter.backhoe

Gas Leaks
Natural gas has a distinct odor (it’s designed that way), and if you smell gas, you need to have it fixed.  It might be from a water heater, gas heater, a stove, or a pipe that has a leak. Some older homes have old gas jets sealed up behind a wall (the gas space heaters you might remember as a child).  You may be able to turn off your gas, but either way, you need to have the problem fixed.

Running Water
A broken pipe needs immediate attention.  Try turning the water off at the meter if you can.