Is Your Washing Machine Drain Clogged?

Do You Have a Clogged Washing Machine Drain?

One of the most common plumbing problems a home owner encounters today is... a clogged washing machine drain? In many homes, the ...
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How to Prevent Busted Pipes

Down in South Texas, we don’t get freezing temperature very often. Because of our milder temperatures, we can get caught ...
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Are You Headed Toward a Holiday Plumbing Disaster?

Here are a couple of ideas to avoid Holiday Plumbing Disasters, read by me, Pat Freund. Are You Headed Toward a ...
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5 Things to Check if You Have a High Water Bill

Do You Have an Unusually High Water Bill? A high water bill is not a fun surprise. Below are 5 things ...
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Taking Care of a Clogged Drain

Living With a Clogged Drain? A clogged drain can be quite a nuisance. It's no fun standing in shower water that ...
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How to Shut Off Your Water

You may encounter a situation where you need to shut off your water. In the case that this is necessary, ...
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What Do I Need to Know About Replacing My Water Heater?

New Energy Guidelines In April of 2015, new water heater *Energy Factor (EF) requirements took effect as the result of updates ...
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