Working Together to Resolve All Your Plumbing Needs

plumbingLet’s be honest. No one likes to call a plumber because the first thing that comes to mind is the amount of money it will cost to repair the problem. But Primo Plumbing knows that there are areas that we can work together on to reduce the possibility of having to make that emergency repair call.

As a Plumbing Service Company serving Alamo Heights and the surrounding neighborhoods, our goal is to send the best plumber to your door and provide the highest quality of service possible. When it comes to plumbing, it is always better to be safe than sorry, and working with homeowners and businesses it is possible to significantly reduce the number of service calls to your home or business.

Simple Checklist

The key to preventing a number of plumbing problems is to make a habit of some of the ways you commonly think about how you use your plumbing system. These items are really a matter of stopping to think about how some things just don’t mix – such as oil and water.

  • Pay attention to a leaky toilet water tank – some leaks are not so obvious and can cost you money.
  • Clogged drains are common – there are times an over the counter product can be used to resolve the problem.
  • Limit the amount of oils and fats you pour down the drain – rinsing out a greasy pan with hot water is no guarantee the oils will not build up.
  • Washing machine drains and kitchen drains are often connected – the drain that serves both can be a problem area.
  • Leaky faucets – many people ignore the problem thinking it to be a minor nuisance but it can lead to bigger problems.
  • Hot water heater sediment build up – can cost you money because the sediment will act as insulation between the burner and water, costing you money.

Primo Plumbing has a web page dedicated to addressing these common problems.

Signs That A Problem Is Hidden

There are a number of ways to see if a plumbing problem exists without tearing out walls and floors. Under these circumstances it is best to call a professional plumber to investigate the problem.

  • Water stains on the interior walls.
  • Small pools of water forming on the floor without a known reason.
  • An increase in insects or small rodents in the home.

You may see one or a combination of these signs, so be sure to eliminate the obvious possibilities before calling a plumber.

Call Us To Work Together

As a reputable Plumbing Service Company in Alamo Heights we will be there when you need us to investigate, identify, and repair any plumbing problem. With our team of professionals, you are certain to get the best plumber available sent to your home or business and work with you to guarantee the safety of your plumbing system. Do not hesitate to call Primo Plumbing for an appointment.